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Der Innovationspreis 2005 der Initiative Mittelstand

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PARMENIDE project PARMENIDE - Promoting Advanced Resources and Methodologies for New Teaching and Learning Solutions in Digital Education

The PARMENIDE project, co-funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme, intends to design and disseminate an innovative learning system for the purpose of drawing together e-learning modalities with an advanced and interactive  knowledge acquisition system based on Intelligent Agents (IA).

The project aims at meeting the needs, in terms of training and skills, perceived in the field of transports, qualifying and updating staff competences.

FUTUREtec's Role: Subcontractor

IVAN - Innovating Video Art through New Technologies

Is meant to give an effective answer to the necessity of innovation of the audiovisual industry, mostly in the use of new forms of communication, expression, visual digital approaches, in order to foster its competitiveness promoting, from one side, the continuous vocational training of professionals working in this field, and at the same time discovering new talents, offering them an effective and innovative training.
IVAN project will produce and deliver a new vocational course (at distance and in presence) through which the trainees will be able to use advanced digital technological tools for the production and distribution of art visual products (Video Art) with a high artistic value, having a direct commercial impact on the audiovisual and advertisement industry.
FUTUREtec's Role: Promotion, technical support

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Note: Young professionals interested in attending the IVAN course (partly on-line + 1 week in Rome) can apply for a boursary.
Are you interested? Please contact: Caterina Rehm-Berbenni ()

INFRAWEBS - Intelligent Framework for Generating Open (Adaptable) Development Platforms for Web - Service Enabled Applications Using Semantic Web Technologies, Distributed Decisions Support Units and Multi - Agent - Systems.

The primary project objective is to develop an ICT framework, which enables software and service providers to generate and establish open and extensible development platforms for WEB-Service applications. Generated in this way, the open platform consists of coupled and linked INFRAWEBS units, whereby each unit provides tools and adaptable system components to analyse, design and maintain WEB-Services realised as Semantic-Web-Services (SW services) within the whole life cycle.

FUTUREtec's Role: Dissemination Partner
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Virtu@lis_logo VIRTU@LIS - Social Learning on EnVIRonmental Issues with the InTeractive Information and CommUnicAtion TechnoLogIeS.

The project brings together a consortium of specialists in information technology, sustainable development, environmental modelling, public policy and governance, learning psychology and open learning, to develop computer-based learning tools on ecosystems and natural resources. The four domains are agricultural pollution, climate change, freshwater resources and marine capture fisheries. Taking these four domains as exemplary, ViRTU@LiS creates learning tools for improving citizens' awareness of environmental management and risks.

FUTUREtec's Role: Subcontractor

Internet-Konferenz der Deutschen Telekom von FUTUREtec organisiert

Experten der FUTUREtec und Höring Management Consulting bereiten die 1. Internet-Konferenz des Partnership-Managements der Deutschen Telekom inhaltlich vor. Über 250 registrierte Teilnehmer dieser neuartigen Live-Veranstaltung folgen im März 2002 an ihren Bildschirmen den Vorträgen hochkarätiger Fachleute. Intensiv beteiligten sie sich über das Online-Medium an der angeregten Diskussion. Die Verbreitung geschäftlich relevanter Informationen, die Darstellung der Kompetenz der Deutschen Telekom und ganz besonders die Förderung des Erfahrungsaustausches und der Kooperation zwischen der Deutschen Telekom und unabhängigen Unternehmensberatern waren die Ziele dieser 1. Internet-Konferenz der Deutschen Telekom. Die Veranstaltung wurde ausschließlich im Internet übertragen.

Abspielen der Aufzeichnung (Ausschnitt) mit Media-Player
Pressemitteilung zur Veranstaltung

PROMIS_hands PROMIS - Process Oriented Integrated Quality Management Internet Services for SMEs. PROMIS_Stamp

The project's goal was to provide a process-oriented, multilingual, generic internet platform containing specific methodology and sector specific contents in relation to integrated quality management systems for SMEs, that is focused in the fields of environment, health and safety and quality.

FUTUREtec's Role: Coordinator
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VILIB - VIrtual digital LIBrary on an Europe-wide level.

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