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Der Innovationspreis 2005 der Initiative Mittelstand

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A company, operating mainly in the field of applied informatics, as well as Technology Transfer, Exploitation and International Marketing of research results in the European context.

Our team includes experts in the fields of information technology, document logistics, transfer of technology, market research and development, marketing strategies and project management.

Though small, we have a wide range of contacts. The work we have done over several years, has led us into formal cooperation with large and small companies in many industrial sectors, in international governmental and local organizations, especially in relation to research and development, and with research institutes in many countries (e.g England, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden).

We are ambitious and determined, constantly expanding and anxious to achieve results for our clients and for ourselves.

FUTUREtec is not only oriented towards analysis, evaluation, conceptual design and management recommendations but also towards the practical implementation of these, to achieve results of real use and direct benefits to the client.

We have experience with the analysis and appreciation of politics and projects in the fields of information and communication, and new technology.

Every specialist in FUTUREtec's team is a senior consultant, possesses multidisciplinary know-how and good experience in management of innovation and projects involving technology transference. Every consultant offers a long and rich experience in his/her field.

FUTUREtec also belongs to an international network of companies co-operating in related fields.

FUTUREtec offers the following qualifications:

  • Command of Community languages for good coverage: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Rumanian.
  • Experience in multicultural environments: long-range experience of similar tasks in Europe and overseas.
  • Experience in monitoring, analysing, and organising the process of innovation.
  • Command of moderation techniques

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