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Der Innovationspreis 2005 der Initiative Mittelstand

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GOUVERNe_logo GOUVERNe - Guidelines for the Organisation, Use and Validation of information systems for Evaluating aquifer Resources and Needs

This project has developed and implemented user-based and scientifically validated Decision Support System (DSS) for the improved management of underground water resources at the catchment and sub-catchment levels. Decision support is understood as not only the acquisition, scientific validation and organisation of information, but also procedures for effective exploita-tion of this information by users. The DSS combines spatial representation, scenario simulation, multiple criteria evaluation and interactive user-friendly interfaces. It furnishes a validated scien-tific support for debate and deliberation by decision makers and stakeholders permitting intelli-gent compromises, identification of novel management options and, to the extent possible, coop-erative conflict resolution.

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Results of GOUVERNe Project



Assessing and Improving Sustainability of Urban Water Resources and Systems

AISUWRS was a 3-year urban water research project partly funded by the European Community. It aimed to develop a decision support system, supported by innovative new modelling techniques, for cities that depend on underlying or nearby aquifers for their water supply. Groundwater is an important source of drinking water supply right across Europe and it provides almost a third of all water put into public supply. This project used case studies of the cities of Doncaster in England, Rastatt in Germany and Ljubljana Slovenia to develop the system with the aim of making it robust enough to be used in the many other cities in Europe and elsewhere that depend on groundwater for public and private water supply.

FUTUREtec's role in the project: Subcontractor for the socio-economic and sustainability assessmentin the 4 case studies: Doncaster in England, Rastatt in Germany, Ljubljana Slovenia and Mount Gambier in Australia.

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