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FUTUREtec - ClickPrice Calculator

The new FUTUREtec ClickPrice Calculator in the internet - Calculate several systems in comparison.

Did you know,

  • that in the most cases prints are still more expensive than copies?
  • that productive systems work for less costs than small systems?
  • that workplace printers can be pure luxury looking at the cost per page?

Try the on-line version:
ClickPrice on-Line version

  • Free for everybody
  • Database comparision
  • Simple to use one step calculation

Buy the awarded offline-version:
ClickPrice off line version

  • Personalised 4 step calculation
  • Extended functionality
  • Textual and graphical output
With the FUTUREtec ClickPrice Calculator you can calculate the cost per page for any of your printers, copiers or multifunctional systems. It helps you to compare the real costs of different systems with different speed, in different using situations and different contracts. Renting and buying are now comparable.

The FUTUREtec ClickPrice Calculator offers an input part, the button to start the calculation, and an output part for showing the results. Please enter your input variables in the first part of the table. You will find explanations to all factors at the ?-buttons. The actual calculation starts by clicking on the button in the middle of the table. The calculator presents the results in the second part of the table. These results can be benchmarked with calculations in our data base. The last 5 results of each system type (copier, printer, multifunctional) will appear in a table on the right hand side. To compare your results with other calculations we need to store your data. In the case you want to see the statistics, please agreed in the pop-up-window during the calculation. If you don't agree you will only get your result without any statistical comparion and your data will not be stored.

If you like to have an awarded off-line version of the tool. You download a trail version or buy a full version. This combines an extended functionality, with personalised calculations and a graphical interface in a special awarded software.

The FUTUREtec ClickPrice Calculator uses direct costs only. For the consideration of further cost factors like personal costs, power etc. please have a look at CopyCalc, our more complex calculation tool or talk to the FUTUREtec consultants. For any questions about the FUTUREtec ClickpPrice Calculator please contact .

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